Telephone Triage for Professionals Working in General Practice

Start dates

November 2019


158 Oxford Road, Cowley, OX4 2LA

Course length

2 days




Giving telephone advice is an important and sometimes demanding role. This course will take the participant through the stages of development and practice. Training consists of both theoretical and practical components and will provide the skills required to set up and run a telephone triage system.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop competence in telephone triage skills

  2. Understand how to categorise the urgency of the patients’ condition

  3. Identify local and national resources that may be required to provide additional support during a call to identify patients who require healthcare advice, and supply them with current evidence-based information


  • What is telephone triage?

  • How and where is it deployed?

  • Medico-legal aspects of telephone triage

  • Correct documentation

  • The use of established protocols

  • Communication skills: techniques and conversation management

  • Active listening

  • Utilising communication and interview models

  • Questioning styles

  • Effective and efficient telephone triage call management

  • The process of telephone assessment

  • Clinical case scenarios for minor and major conditions 

  • Chronic disease management for long-term conditions and telephone triage

  • Independent prescribing and telephone triage

  • Correct referral to other agencies

  • Quality control

  • Clinical governance