Why you need to offer clinical services in today's healthcare climate

What's the problem?

Community pharmacies are struggling. This isn’t news to a lot of us, as pharmacists are working under immense pressure with fewer resources. The NHS is receiving and producing cut after cut, resulting in pharmacies losing money, and closing. The NHS is also pushing the expectation of pharmacies to provide patient consultations with their newly introduced Digital Minor Illness Referral Service. The only problem is, few pharmacies have an independent prescriber, and even if they do, many independent prescribers do not feel confident in diagnosing and implementing their qualifications. In the end, community pharmacies are not taken seriously as a viable solution to help deal with the pressures on our healthcare service, and as a consequence continue to lose money, and are unable to provide the care that is needed for their patients.

So what needs to be done?

Provide much

needed services

Position yourself as an evidence-based solution

Have appropriately trained staff


Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to receive healthcare services. We are committed to inspire and help practitioners grow so that they can provide exceptional healthcare for everyone.

MEDLRN has created a full solution for pharmacies who don't have an independent prescriber and want to build their brand, provide first-class patient care, and maintain highly trained, happy and fulfilled staff.

Imagine being able to run your own private, walk-in clinic. You are able to charge what you like for the consultation, and you make money from the prescription. This is where MEDLRN can offer a comprehensive solution to make sure you can provide clinical services such as: prescribing, a private minor illness clinic, aesthetics, health screening, or even a travel clinic.

What are you paying for?

Set-up fee includes:

  • Development of bespoke clinical services

  • SOPs

  • Business and marketing plan

  • Resources e.g. history-taking and clinical examination assessment forms

  • Audit of premises to ensure standards are met by relevant regulatory bodies

  • Training of OTC staff

Student fee includes:

  • The training of one of your pharmacists to be able to take a thorough and correct clinical history and physical examination.

Subscription fee includes:

  • Independent prescriber to provide prescriptions

  • Responsibility of all prescriptions is culpable to the MEDLRN prescriber

MEDLRN vs Doctor services and PGDs

*prices vary depending on the retailer

**PGD prices vary

Doctor Services 

Money earner - money earning potential is low here as you only really make money from the prescription. The consultation fee goes to the doctor's service you are signed up to, and you're paying a monthly subscription.

Brand development - by using doctor services you are pushing their brand rather than yours. You're a marketing service for them! If a customer comes to you because of the doctor's service you provide, it's not you who sees the return on investment. Patients also miss out on face-to-face interaction, which many find an important aspect of seeing a doctor.


Limitations - you are reliant on doctor services to provide you a service, which you pay for. You don't have any influence over how that service works for you. Your staff also do not benefit from any professional, profieciency and competency development, further hindering the current public perception of pharmacists. 


Money earner - the travel PGD gives you the potential to earn more through a travel clinic, however, the PGDs themselves are limited and can't expand beyond this.

Brand development - helps push your brand slightly, but you're limited in the PGDs that you can do.

Limitations - as well as being limited in what you can treat, you are also limited by its scope of care. Fulfilling the specific requirements is safe for the level of training your pharmacists are currently at, but with more highly trained staff, your scope widens, patient care improves, and being able to provide extra services, of course, provides a higher earning threshold.

Independent Prescribers