Clinical History and Physical Examination

Start dates


Course length

3 days


158 Oxford Road, Cowley, OX4 2LA




Develop skills and confidence in taking a clinical history and an understanding of the correct examination techniques of each of the systems covered. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the principles of correct health examination and social history taking

  2. Gain confidence in performing a detailed ‘head-to-toe’ physical examination


  • Documentation and record-keeping

  • Taking a history, demonstration, and practice

  • Questioning technique, past medical history; social history

  • General observations: mental state; hands; head & neck

  • Examination of: eyes; mouth; sinuses; ears, throat, and neck

  • Demonstration and practice

  • Systems - cardiovascular & respiratory

  • Cardiac examination - demonstration & practice

  • Chest pain: heart sounds, changes associated with aging

  • Common cardiovascular conditions

  • Respiratory examination - demonstration & practice

  • History; respiratory sounds, percussion, and auscultation

  • Common lung abnormalities

  • Systems - abdominal examination demonstration and practice

  • Abdominal pain, history, palpation; percussion, auscultation; an overview of abdominal conditions

  • Theory and revision of the genito-urinary tract (male and female) and endocrine system

  • Nervous system: neurological examination: demonstration and practice

  • The limbs and trunk: tone and power; sensation and coordination; reflexes

  • Locomotor system: examination: demonstration and practice

  • Joint dysfunction; muscle dysfunction 

  • Legal and professional consideration