Business Skills and Marketing

Start dates

November 2019


158 Oxford Road, Cowley, OX4 2LA

Course length

2 days




This 2-day course is intended to teach you how to successfully start your own business, whether you want to be a sole trader, partnership, or limited company. You will learn how to write a comprehensive business plan, fulfill a legal requirement, carry out market research to refine your customer demographics and seek qualified advice. Once you complete the course, you’ll be prepared to come up with a solid business idea, fain the interest of investors, and get your business off the ground.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise the challenges and benefits of starting your own business, as well as the skills and traits you require

  2. Know the different legal structures your business may take and how to set up your business in accordance with the law

  3. Be familiar with the various sections your business plan should include and how to write it professionally

  4. Understand the contents that each section of your business plan should cover, including the executive summary, business description, marketing plan, operations plan, and financial plan

  5. Know how to carry out market research to learn about current trends and developments in your industry, assess your competitors, and learn about your target audience

  6. Be able to identify the best marketing strategies to effectively sell your products and/or services and build your brand

  7. Know where to find advice or support from business advisers and financiers and where to find further resources


  • The challenges of starting a business

  • The positives of starting a business

  • What does it take to start a business?

  • Landing on an idea

  • Consider the logistics

  • Doing your research


  • Legal Structure:


  • Sole trader

  • Partnerships

  • Limited company

  • Opening a business account

  • Choosing a name and a logo

  • Other legal requirements


  • Writing a Business Plan:


  • Why is a business plan important?

  • How to create a business plan

  • Executive summary

  • Appendices

  • Business description