Start dates

November 2020


158 Oxford Road, Cowley, OX4 2LA

Course length

Within 6-12 months




The programme is uniquely supported through a coaching & peer learning mentality which recognises the psychological transformation that a clinician must go on to succeed in a new speciality.

The Mastery Programme uses a combination of small group practical courses, e-learning & live teaching coaching all delivered by award-winning pharmacist Faheem Ahmed & his expert team.

Also included are designated Mentorship Days, delivered directly by Faheem Ahmed.


This will all be supported via a dedicated online learning platform that you can access anywhere and on any device, allowing easy access to training materials, online learning and more.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the relevant anatomy and physiology needed for aesthetics.
• Understand the injection anatomy.
• Understand legislation, ethics and history surrounding aesthetics.
• Understand what beauty is, and the core elements of a beautiful face.
• Able to appropriately decide on whether or not procedures would be effective.
• Able to inject patients with the clear ability to adjust technique to reduce risk.
• How to safely inject the face to feminise the face.
• Able to carry out foundation & advanced skills that will restore the face with the toxin and dermal fillers.
• Able to deal with vascular occlusions.
• Understand the ways to reduce the chance of vascular occlusion in each procedure.
• Understand how to promote yourself to the different submarkets in aesthetics.
• Understand how to employ Business and Marketing skills to the advantage of your business, supporting you through the early stage business challenges to expanding & growing your business

• Understand anatomy and physiology of the skin

• Diagnose, manage and treat a range of dermatological conditions

• Understand how to undertake a history and physical examination regarding the skin